Ditch the sugar and caffeine

Sugar and caffeine can cause adrenal fatigue; therefore overworking the adrenal gland and weakening the immune system. We tend to get too much sugar during the holidays causing weakened immunity fall-spring. Try eliminating sugar and caffeine from your diet to help support your adrenal gland and, therefore, your immune system.

Peppermint tea and Peppermint oil

Drinking peppermint tea, or even diffusing or wearing peppermint oil, may open up the airways to help us breathe easier. Adding a teaspoon of Manukah honey may help curb coughs or strengthen immune support.

Kick the Poisons to the Curb

Many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that no only attack the immune system, but can also reek havoc on the respiratory system and the nervous system as well. Ditching those harsh chemicals and using more natural, plant based cleaners will not only keep your home clean and smelling great, but they won’t weaken your body’s systems in the process.

Essential Oils

Pure, unadulterated essential oils are important if you plan to use essential oils to help get your through the seasons. Not all oils are the same quality; so choose wisely. Here is one of my favorite blends that I used daily.

Wellness Blend

30 drops Thieves Oil

30 drops Oregano Oil

Carrier oil such as Almond or Coconut Oil

Place all oils in a 10 ml roller bottle with a metal roller ball. Mix gently. Apply to the bottom of the feet and/or the spine daily.